How buttock augmentation is performed?

How buttock augmentation is performed


If your butt is smaller, flatter, or poorly shaped, buttock augmentation surgery may treat the condition. Buttock augmentation is one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures in the US at the moment. Bigger and shapelier buttocks are a sign of femininity and physical beauty.

The butt is one of the most important physical areas of the body. They not only support you to move and sit but also define your overall body outline and help you maintain your posture. As such, an aesthetic flaw in the butt can affect the physical beauty of women. Fortunately, the buttock augmentation procedure can be used to fix some major aesthetic flaws.

How is buttock augmentation performed?

There are two types of buttock augmentation procedures, and both are performed in different ways.

  1. Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift, also called fat transfer, is a popular buttock augmentation procedure. The surgery uses your own body fat to enhance your rear ends. To qualify for this intervention, you must have excess fat in your body. Below are the major steps of the surgery:

Fat extraction: The first step of the surgery is fat extraction. During this step, liposuction is used to remove the donor fat from your body. The common fat donor sites are the abdomen, sides, love handles, and thighs. Liposuction involves the insertion of a hollow tube into the fat donor site and removal of the fat with the help of a low-pressure suction pump or a special syringe.

Fat processing: Once enough fat has been collected for the surgery, the fat is processed and purified. The purification process is done in a centrifuge. The goal of this step is to separate the impurities, fluids, dead fat cells, and damaged cells from the pure and healthy ones.

During this step, only the best quality, completely healthy, and living fat cells are picked for transfer to the butt. It is one of the most important steps in the surgery because picking the wrong or dead fat cells can affect the final results of the intervention. This step calls for attention to detail and care.

Fat grafting: This is the last step in the Brazilian butt lift. The actual fat transfer to the butt is done during this step. The plastic surgeon will load the fat cells picked during the processing in a special syringe and inject it different areas of the buttocks.

The fat grafting process is very crucial, and the surgeon has to be very attentive during the whole process. It is in this step that the butt is shaped to deliver you the desired goals. The plastic surgeon would rely not only on his experience and surgical skills but also his sense of aesthetics and artistry of the female body. To achieve better results, your surgeon must be board-certified and highly experienced in the Brazilian butt lift.

The results: The results of the Brazilian butt lift will not be visible immediately after the surgery. The fat grafted into the butt needs time to get blood supply from your body. After the cells have been vascularized, the results of the intervention will gradually transpire. The final outcomes would come to the fore only after the swelling has disappeared and the fat cells have completely adjusted to the new environment.


  1. Butt implant surgery

Butt implant surgery is also an effective and popular plastic surgery procedure to augment the buttocks. It is recommended for patients who lack enough body fat to qualify for the fat transfer procedure and for those who want to achieve a large butt.

The surgery involves the use of artificial devices called pectoral implants to add projection and shape to your butt. The implants come in different sizes. During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will help you choose an implant size ideal for your body. Below are the major steps of the butt implant surgery:

Placing the incisions: The surgery starts with placing incisions on the butt. The implants have to be inserted into the butt through the incisions. The size of the incision depends on the size of the implant and the surgeon’s preference. The incisions are placed in areas where they can be less visible.

Inserting and placing the implant inside the butt: In the second step, the implants are inserted into the buttock through the incisions. Once inside the butt, the implants will be placed in the intended pocket.

There are three options for placing the implants inside the butt: under the gluteal muscle, within the gluteal muscle, and above the gluteal muscle. Most surgeons prefer to place the implant under or within the gluteal muscle. While placing the implants, the surgeon will make sure the desired results are achieved.

Suturing and closing the incisions: After the implants have been placed in the desired position, the incisions are sutured deep into the tissue and closed with a bandage.

The results: Some of the results of the intervention would be visible immediately after the surgery; however, complete outcomes of the procedure would take time to emerge. Once the post-operative swelling and bruising have disappeared, the final results of the surgery will become noticeable. This may take a few weeks or months to happen. You can expect your butt to become bigger, shapelier, and sensuous a few months following the surgery.

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There are two options for the buttock augmentation surgery: fat transfer and butt implants. The steps to perform both procedures have been discussed in detail in this article. It is important for patients to ask their surgeons during the consultation as to which type of intervention is right for them, why, and what the steps of the recommended procedure are. Being aware of every facet of the surgery will enable you to prepare and achieve better aesthetic outcomes.


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