Can Liposuction Performed on Any Area of the Body?



Liposuction can be done almost anywhere on the body where there are fatty tissues localized just under the surface of the skin. We can even address several areas during the same intervention, such as the abdomen and flanks, the thighs and hips, and so on. It is very important to know how to combine these different areas in the same intervention. This is where an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon can be very helpful.

Some patients tend to believe that liposuction can be performed only on one area of the body at a time and targeting multiple areas would take months or even years. Other patients believe just the contrary that we can use liposuction all over the body in just one session so we can shed off the unwanted pounds and get the body of our dreams in one sitting. The truth is somewhere in the middle. In this article, we will discuss liposuction and the areas that we can target with the procedure.

How is liposuction performed?

Many patients interested in undergoing liposuction already know what it entails in terms of the surgical methods used. However, we will mention them once again before moving on to the areas where liposuction can be performed.

Nowadays, a common and preferred procedure is tumescent liposuction. This intervention is performed with the use of a tumescent solution that is injected into the targeted area before liposuction begins. The tumescent solution has a local anesthetic in it, and it is proven to be quite effective in reducing the pain and the swelling after the procedure. This is the reason why more and more plastic surgeons and patients opt for this type of intervention.

During liposuction, the plastic surgeon will perform small incisions on the areas targeted for the procedure. Through these incisions, a tiny tube called a cannula will be introduced. The plastic surgeon will perform back and forth movements to dislodge the fat and liquefy it to be easily suctioned out of the body with the help of a strong medical vacuum device connected to the cannula.

Liposuction is a commonly performed procedure that entails minimal risks and is quite safe for the patient. However, it is still important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure as he must be experienced in the aesthetics of the body and in performing this procedure. In this manner, you can avoid unwanted complications such as asymmetric results or skin imperfections and health risks such as infections.

Performing liposuction on multiple areas of the body

Some patients don’t understand why it is not possible to just use liposuction to sculpt their whole body in one operation. Before anything else, we should talk about the risks of anesthesia when addressing multiple areas of the body or the whole body. The procedure can be performed with the patient under local or general anesthetic. Whatever the choice might be, it is not recommended to keep the patient under general anesthesia for longer than 4 to 5 hours or to inject too much of the local anesthesia when multiple areas are targeted.

When the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, it can be quite uncomfortable for the patient if it lasts more than one hour. This is the reason why for liposuction on more than one areas or on extended areas, plastic surgeons recommend general anesthesia. When the patient is under general anesthesia, he is asleep, feels no pain, and has no recollection of what happened during the intervention.

Combining different areas in one sitting is a common occurrence when it comes to liposuction nowadays. However, it all depends from patient to patient. If the areas to be treated are extensive or have a considerable thickness of the adipose tissue, your plastic surgeon might recommend more than one sessions of liposuction to correct the issue. If this is the recommendation of the plastic surgeon, it is a good idea to follow it as otherwise you might end up with unsatisfactory results and in need of revision surgery.

Aside from the anesthesia aspect that needs to be considered, there is also the trauma of the intervention on the body. Any surgical intervention, even if performed for aesthetic purposes, is an aggression on the body. During the liposuction procedure, tissues are injured and it takes a while for the body to restore and recover after the procedure. When you have liposuction on the tummy and thighs, these two areas will be sore and discomfort can be felt for a few days or weeks after the procedure. Can you imagine how it would be if you would feel discomfort or pain on your whole body? This would be terrible, and it is something that we need to avoid, hence the limitation of the areas where liposuction can be performed in one sitting.

Theoretically speaking, liposuction can be performed on any area of the body, as long as it has a significant fat tissue under the surface of the skin. Can we also target all these areas in one sitting? Well, the answer is no as it would not be safe for the patient or very comfortable during the recovery period. An experienced plastic surgeon will recommend the patient to choose surrounding areas for liposuction or to use the plastic surgery method to achieve the hourglass body shape that is so sought after today.

Areas that can be targeted with liposuction

Any area of the body can be liposculpted with liposuction, at least in theory. Areas that are commonly targeted with the procedure are the chin, the breasts for male patients, the abdomen, flanks, back, hips, thighs, buttocks, and also the lower part of the legs such as the knees and calves.

Liposuction is also performed on the chin quite often as with age, people tend to accumulate fat in this area. Some people have a very strong hereditary tendency to develop this imperfection. Fortunately, liposuction can be very helpful in correcting this type of problem. Any fat in this area may give the impression that the person has too much skin, but in general, it reacts very well to liposuction. If the person is elderly and their skin is really sagging, a face lift might be necessary in addition to the liposuction.

Liposuction is also often used to reduce feminine-looking breasts on male patients. The condition is known as pseudogynecomastia in medical terms. The excess of fat tissue on male patients can be due to several causes. It is only in a few cases that enlarged breasts in men can be corrected with the help of liposuction. In other cases, a breast reduction procedure (gynecomastia) is required.

Liposuction can also be performed on the arms and legs to make them slimmer by reducing the thickness of the adipose layer. Liposuction can be performed as a stand-alone procedure for young patients with good skin elasticity before a body lift to improve the aesthetic results.

The abdomen and flanks are probably the areas most commonly targeted with liposuction. Patients requesting abdominal liposuction are both men and women of different ages. Adipose accumulation in the middle area is common for both men and women and is caused by aging or a poor lifestyle.

Some people tend to accumulate fat on the buttocks, especially when they get older. Liposuction gives excellent results when performed in this area. Sometimes liposuction of the buttocks becomes necessary when liposuction of the thighs has been done before. By this time, the buttocks look bigger now that the thighs are thinned.

The fat collected with the help of liposuction can be used to be reinjected into other areas of the body to increase the volume. Fat transfer to the breasts, buttocks, and hips are commonly performed to achieve a beautiful shape of the body or to augment certain features.

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Many patients wonder if liposuction can be performed on any area of the body. Different patients have different beauty requirements and body imperfections. Liposuction can be performed on practically any area of the body, starting with the face down to the ankles. Areas that are often targeted with the procedure are the chin, arms, female-looking breasts in men, arms and legs, the abdominal area, and the flanks. More areas can be combined and treated with liposuction in one operation; however, we can’t perform liposuction on all areas of the body in one session as the time spent under general anesthesia would be too long and could lead to severe complications and health risks for the patient. Liposuction can be used to reduce the thickness of the adipose layer on nearby areas of the body or with the purpose to create the hourglass shape, together with fat transfer procedures.

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