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Even with developments in modern plastic surgery, time will affect our bodies and the aesthetic appearance of it. Unfortunately, the modern standards of our society praise a body that is young and fit, hence many people after a certain age become interested in undergoing plastic surgery procedures to erase the signs of aging and have a youthful appearance for longer.

But with this comes the moral aspect: should we resort to plastic surgery to look younger for longer or just grow older with grace?


Causes of premature aging

The changes that occur in the body due to the passing of time occur gradually. Some external factors are known to cause premature aging. Many of the external signs of aging are determined by the general health condition, but also day-to-day lifestyle choices. Unhealthy choices can cause premature aging, and this will make you look older much sooner than normal. An important part of any anti-aging program is to be aware of the factors that harm the skin and accelerate the occurrence of aging.

  1. Smoking

If you smoke or spend time with a smoker, you should know that cigarette smoking is damaging for the aesthetic appearance of the body and makes your skin look older. Research has shown that exposure to cigarette smoke accentuates the appearance of wrinkles and skin dryness significantly. This fact is caused partly by the cigarette smoke but also by the fact that smoking exhausts the levels of vitamin C in the body, a key ingredient for maintaining skin elasticity and hydration.

  1. Sun exposure

Sun exposure is another factor that accelerates the aging process. Skin that is unprotected and regularly exposed to the sun gets a stained aspect. The freckles can turn into brown spots and the skin will get a dry, wrinkled aspect and will become less elastic. The risk of developing skin cancer is also increased significantly with constant sun exposure.  To avoid premature aging of the skin without avoiding the sun altogether, use sunscreen all throughout the year, even during cloudy days and months.

  1. Lack of physical exercise

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to premature aging as physical exercises are the ones that help with toning the muscles and improving blood circulation. Physical activity should be an important part of the anti-aging program for all of us.

  1. Exposure to extreme temperatures

Cold winds and low temperatures contribute to the aging of the skin by making it very dry. This is why it is essential to protect the skin with a good moisturizer when faced with extreme temperatures. It is important to use moisturizing creams even if you don’t leave the house because even the air coming from the air conditioner can cause skin dryness.

  1. Stress

You might have heard this expression before: “Don’t frown, you’ll get wrinkles.” Well, it is true. When a person is under a lot of stress, the muscles of the face will be tensed. To reduce the signs of aging caused by stress, it is important to be aware of the level of stress and try to change facial expressions during the day.

Stress can also cause binge eating, another condition that will facilitate the accumulation of fat in areas of your body. Maintaining the level of stress under control at all times will help you look and feel younger.

  1. Lack of sleep

Not enough sleep will make you feel and look tired. Among the first things that signal sleep deprivation are the changes in the area under the eyes. The lack of sleep is a factor that can lead to memory loss and even depression. Most adults need at least 7 or 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep per night.

Plastic surgery to look younger

Aesthetic surgery has evolved from techniques of reconstructive surgery. Many of the procedures currently applied on a large scale to improve the aesthetic aspect began as solutions for reconstructive problems.

Aesthetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that aims to improve the appearance of the human body, meaning either correcting some constitutional or acquired morphological deficiencies or removing signs of aging. Patients targeting aesthetic surgery are healthy people who want an improvement in the quality of their personal or socio-professional life.

People with a good personal image are more effective in their work, are more confident and interact positively with others. Many people have functions where the way they look is important, even if they are not public persons. People are judged, at least to some degree, by the way they look. A young and pleasant look besides giving you self-confidence can also be a means of staying competitive.

Surgical services require special quality and great responsibility from practitioners. In addition to a solid experience in the field of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons who carry out aesthetic procedures have to demonstrate a special discernment and professional consciousness for the correct set of indications. The surgeon must correctly explain to the patient the real possibilities and risks arising from such surgery.

The patient should understand there is no miracle surgery and that any cosmetic surgery has advantages and disadvantages, in direct relationship with the indication, the surgeon’s experience, the technique and materials used, and heavily depending on individual particularities. Among the most commonly performed procedures to rejuvenate the aspect of the body are:

Abdominoplasty: a surgical procedure to remove excess “wrinkled” skin and fat tissue from the middle and lower abdomen. It can remove the saggy skin, strengthen the abdominal muscles, and flatten the abdomen.

Blepharoplasty: removes excess tegument and fat, eliminating the signs of aging and tired eyes and lifting the eyelids. Reconstructive blepharoplasty is the surgery performed to correct the defects of the eyelids that affect vision.

Breast lift or augmentation: loss of skin elasticity, gravity, weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding affect the shape and firmness of the breasts. Patients who are happy with the size of their breasts can benefit from a lifting of the breasts, improving the overall appearance. Some patients may be unhappy that they have lost a significant portion of their breasts. In these cases, lifting is indicated along with the insertion of a mammary implant.

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– Face lift: can eliminate the signs of aging on the face. Many patients call it turning back the time.

–    Liposuction: used to remove unwanted fat pockets from localized areas of the body such as the chin, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles. Localized deposits of fat come as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and aging, and in many cases, there is no method efficient in dealing with them aside from plastic surgery.

Aside from these interventions, there are other less invasive cosmetic procedures meant to reduce the signs of aging such as chemical peelings. However, it is important for the patient interested in erasing the signs of aging to keep in mind that this natural process won’t and can’t be stopped with plastic surgery. This means that even if you underwent a breast lift procedure, your breasts will still be affected by gravity and might start sagging years after the initial procedure again. If you had a face lift, it doesn’t mean you will be wrinkle free forever. The natural aging process takes its course.

To sustain the results of the anti-aging surgery and to look younger for longer, it is important to try to avoid the causes of premature aging that we discussed at the beginning of this article.

Moreover, undergoing repeated plastic surgery procedures with the aim of gaining youth forever is not a good idea. Discrete corrections are one thing, but undergoing surgery after surgery won’t keep you young forever and can certainly alter your physical appearance beyond any recognition. There are quite a few celebrities that have lost the battle with both time and plastic surgery. Aging with grace should be your motto after you have done everything within the realms of plastic surgery and prevention.

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Some people tend to believe that nowadays we have a choice to make: getting older or getting plastic surgery. But the reality is that this is not an option. Plastic surgery can’t stop the passing of time for good. All it can do is erase the signs of aging and delay the effects it has on the body. There are numerous plastic surgery interventions that can be used for an anti-aging program. If aging is your concern, make sure to discuss it with your plastic surgeon so he can advise you what path to take and what are the post-operative recommendations to sustain your results for as long as possible.


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