Know the Secrets of Youthful Looking Breasts natural

Know The Secrets of Youthful Looking Breasts


The tissues that form the breasts change as we age, and this happens as a result of the hormonal and weight fluctuations and the gravity that affects us naturally. Due to these factors, the breasts start to lose firmness and sag. Plastic surgery offers permanent and immediate solutions to keep the breasts looking youthful even if the patient is no longer in her 20s, 30s, and not even 40s. So, do you know the secrets to youthful-looking breasts?

Causes of breast changes

The main cause for breast change is the low level of the feminine hormone, estrogen. Estrogen production is reduced with aging. The low level of estrogen has a negative impact on the conjunctive tissue, the skin of the breasts, and the pectoral muscles as well. Due to this, the skin envelope of the breasts gets drier and drier and lose elasticity, and the breasts become less firm and sagging.

Significant changes on the breasts can occur at any time after the teenage years when the mammary gland see its development completed, with the exception of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. Menopause is a natural physiological process in every woman’s life. The menstrual cycles stop so the woman becomes unable to bear children in the traditional way. Some women notice breast modifications even two or three years before menopause, but in a vast majority of cases, these changes occur after menopause.

The natural aging process has certain effects on the breasts such as:

–    The distance between the breasts can increase

–    The skin envelope of the breasts stretches, and the breasts get a long, deflated appearance with no upper pole fullness

–    Stretch marks can form on the breasts

–    The nipple can start facing down instead of forward

–    The mammary gland descends lower on the chest wall, resulting in a significant part of the breast being situated under the inframammary fold

Once these changes occur, there are no treatment options available to reverse the process. However, plastic surgery can offer efficient solutions to correct these imperfections. Also, following certain indications or knowing some secrets will help you sustain the youthful appearance of the breasts for longer.

Saggy breasts are what we commonly associate with old age. There are many reasons for breast ptosis. Did you know that even your choice of bra can cause your breasts to sag earlier, even if the whole purpose of wearing a bra is to delay this occurrence?

The secrets of youthful-looking breasts

We all know or should know that we can’t fight time. With the help of plastic surgery we can erase some of its signs and delay it, but we can never stop it. Sooner or later, we all get older. But it makes a great difference whether you show the first signs of aging in your late 30s or early 60s, doesn’t it? At some point, your breasts will lose their appeal and firmness, but why not postpone this for as long as possible by using simple tricks and making use of plastic surgery? There are certain daily habits that we should adopt, or on the contrary, get rid of, to slow down the occurrence of signs of aging on the breasts.


  1. It’s all about the bra

Wearing a bra that is not perfectly fitted can cause breast sagginess. The bra should offer support and a certain level of compression to the breasts before being sexy and alluring. It is important to choose your bra wisely as it can keep your breasts looking younger for longer.

The bras are usually made of stretchy materials that will easily take the shape of your breasts. But if the bra you are wearing is not the correct size, it is possible to negatively impact the ligaments of the breasts and cause the early onset of breast ptosis.

You should only buy bras that are your size and preferably not too tight. The straps of the bra or the band should never cut deep into your shoulders or back. If you are not sure about your bra size, talk to a specialist in a lingerie shop or take measurements to discover the perfect bra size for you. Keep in mind that more than 80% of women are wearing the wrong size of bra. Make sure not to be one of them.


  1. Smoking affects the breasts too, not only the lungs

Smoking is a vice that will affect not only the general health condition but also your overall appearance. This bad habit reduces the quantity of collagen in the skin and makes blood circulation difficult. This results into the sagginess of the breasts and their premature aging. The bad news is that it can take years or even decades to erase the signs of smoking off your face and body, so you should avoid cigarettes at all cost and also second-hand smoking.

  1. Choose a healthy and balanced diet

When it is excessive or occurs suddenly, weight loss can affect skin elasticity as well as the amount of fat tissue in the body. The breasts are mostly made of mammary gland and fat tissue, so if you lose weight, the chances are your breasts will lose volume too.

Sagging breasts are an issue that affects all patients undergoing bariatric surgery or other important weight loss programs. This is the reason why the secret to maintaining beautiful breasts is a balanced and healthy diet.

  1. Say a firm no to sun exposure

We are constantly warned about the dangers of extreme sun exposure. However, some women still don’t bother using sunscreen. Among other negative effects, prolonged sun exposure can lead to a loss of firmness of the breasts. The neck and the breasts are areas of the body that are the most vulnerable when it comes to the negative effects of the sun. The sun’s rays can cause skin burns, and it is often that we see women at the beach with a burnt cleavage. At the same time, excessive sun exposure leads to the premature aging of the skin. This is the reason why you should be moderate when it comes to sun exposure and always wear sunscreen.

  1. Exercise moderately

Physical exercises are required to maintain a good muscle tonus that will, in turn, make you look younger, breasts included. At the same time, you need to be careful about physical exercises for the breasts and their intensity as they might cause a reduction in the quantity of collagen or the rupture of the collagen fibers, hence leading to early breast sagginess.

Always remember to wear a special sports bra when exercising. Offering your breasts an increased level of support when performing sports is essential for their health and beauty.

Plastic surgery for youthful looking breasts

Stopping the aging of the breasts process is not an option nowadays. However, using creams, oils and certain cosmetic procedures can be beneficial for maintaining the beautiful aspect of the skin on the breasts. But the only thing that works and can correct all structures of the breasts is plastic surgery. With plastic surgery, we can correct the amount of mammary gland, its position on the chest, the amount of fat and skin tissue, and the level of sagginess.

Plastic surgery interventions often performed to maintain or achieve youthful looking breasts are the breast lift or the breast augmentation procedure. The choice of procedure comes after a thorough medical examination and an in-depth conversation with the plastic surgeon.

Breast Lift during pregnancy for new mothers


There are multiple factors that can affect the firmness, tonus and youthful aspect of the breasts. Among them are the number of pregnancies, breastfeeding, significant weight fluctuations, and even the type of bra that you choose to wear. Unfortunately many women don’t know the secrets of having youthful looking breasts for as long as possible, and in the end, they are forced to face the consequences.

The breasts are one of a woman’s most important assets. They are an instrument of seduction and sensuality, and this is just one of the reasons why you should give them the appropriate care so they will look better for longer. In this article, we have discussed some secrets to keep your breasts looking young even at an old age.

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