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In the early days, plastic surgery was mostly used for reconstructive purposes or to correct or enhance a particular feature of the body. Some plastic surgeons and patients still see plastic surgery as a means to get bigger breasts or bigger buttocks. But the truth is that when considering aesthetic procedures, we should have a general picture of the whole body. Bigger breasts or a firm and flat abdomen can only be appreciated when in harmony with the rest of the body. Otherwise, the patient might notice that even after undergoing plastic surgery, the body shape has still not improved.

In my practice, I am dedicated to improving the overall appearance of the body and seeing the whole picture, not just separated features. This is the reason why the hourglass procedures that I have developed and perform on my patients often include the methods of more than one plastic surgery interventions.

When performing the hourglass procedure on patients who want to improve their overall body aspect, it is often required to combine liposuction with fat transfer, aside from the surgical methods to correct certain features such as the breasts, the buttocks or the tummy.

The hourglass body shape

Patients seek out help from plastic surgery usually to achieve their aesthetic goals. But for someone who is not experienced in the aesthetics of the body, it can be difficult to understand what changes are necessary to achieve a certain appearance. For example, there are patients who admire celebrities such as Sofia Vergara or the Kardashian girls who have a beautiful hourglass shape and come to the plastic surgeon’s office asking for a breast or buttock augmentation thinking they will get to look more like their favorite celebrities. But this does not happen. In a vast majority of cases, if you see a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, this is what you will get and not a personalized consultation and recommendations that are in accordance with your aesthetic goals.

This is the reason why I always emphasize on the need to finding a plastic surgeon who knows how to listen to the patient, aside from reading between the lines. If someone comes to me asking for a buttock augmentation and pulls out a picture of one of the Kardashian girls, I evaluate the whole body to see what can be done to improve its shape. If you have a V body shape, meaning your shoulders are more prominent than the hips and the focus is on the upper part of the body, I will recommend you to also get liposuction and a fat transfer to the hips aside from butt implants. If we only use butt implants, your buttocks will certainly increase in size, but you will not achieve the hourglass silhouette that celebrities are so admired for.

It is important to understand that first, there is the shape of the body that we need to improve and only after do we need to address specific features such as the breasts or the buttocks. Breast implants on a woman with a beautiful shape and curves in all the right places will be much more spectacular than on a woman with a not so pleasant body shape and no definition for the waist.

The hourglass body shape is the most revered body silhouette for a reason. It is harmonious, and this is the ideal shape of a woman’s body. But only 8% of women are born with this shape. For the rest, plastic surgery can help, but only when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with a deep understanding of female aesthetics.

The hourglass silhouette has certain characteristics that need to be created if they are not present. We are talking about the general proportions of the body: the shoulder should be about the same width as the hips, and the waist should be at least 20% smaller in diameter and well-defined. If you have a look around you, most women don’t have a well-defined waist and this makes it difficult to have a beautiful overall body shape. Fat tends to accumulate in the middle area with aging and also due to pregnancies and weight fluctuations. So if you want to achieve a beautiful hourglass shape, abdominal liposuction is a must.

The ideal proportions are 90-60-90 cm (shoulders, waist, and hips), but even if you have 100-80-100 or even more, you will notice that your body shape is much sexier and alluring than that of a woman with 90-100-90.


Combination procedures to achieve the hourglass shape

As we have mentioned before, only a small percentage of women are born with the hourglass body shape, and even they can lose their beautiful curves with aging, pregnancies, a sedentary lifestyle, or weight fluctuations. Nowadays with the hectic lifestyles most of us are having, it is very common for both women and men alike to develop fat accumulations on the midline area. This means that the waist loses its definition and the flanks are affected as well. The hourglass shape has beautiful curves. If the sides of the tummy are affected by adipose deposits as well as the lower part of the back, there will be no curves from the waist to the hips or on the back, from the back to the buttocks.

The hourglass procedures combine different surgical methods with the exact purpose of enhancing the body silhouette and specific features. Liposuction and fat transfer are often a must when creating the hourglass body shape.

When the patient is confronted with an unsightly appearance of the abdomen, the recommended procedure is the hourglass tummy tuck procedure. During this intervention, I will perform liposuction on the tummy and the flanks and sometimes even on the suprapubic area if necessary. Once I have reduced the thickness of the adipose tissue on the midline and defined the flanks, the next step will be to strengthen the loose abdominal wall muscles and get rid of the excess fat and skin tissue on the inferior abdomen. The fat collected during liposuction will not be lost, as it will be transferred to the hips to increase their projection. The results are spectacular, and the patient can enjoy an improved body silhouette, aside from a firm and flat abdomen. With the procedure, we can also fight the shortcomings of the traditional tummy tuck procedure that often leaves patients with a Spongebob body figure.

The hourglass hip procedure is often performed for patients who need more volume on the hips to balance and harmonize their body shape. For patients with a V shape, a fat transfer to the hips and liposuction on the middle area is mandatory to enhance the shape, whatever other procedure they might be interested in. The only way we can correct the V shape is by fat grafting to the hips. If we put the fat or implants in the buttocks, it will have no effect on the silhouette. If we use breast implants, the only thing that will be achieved is a more accentuated difference between the upper and lower part of the body. The practical and aesthetically viable solution is first to correct the shape of the body and then to improve the features that need more volume.

Of course, there are patients who are blessed with curves and just need more definition here and there, or more volume or projection added. In this case, we might combine just two plastic surgery procedures instead of three. The surgical plan to be performed is discussed with the patient during the pre-operative examination. This way the patient always knows what to expect in terms of results of the hourglass surgery and improvement in the body shape and features.

Common Side Effects After Liposuction


The hourglass interventions combine more plastic surgery procedures with the purpose of enhancing the overall appearance of the body and not adding volume to one feature of the body or the other. To achieve satisfactory or spectacular results after this procedure, you will need to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon who performs this type of procedure routinely and has a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the human body.

Moreover, when seeking help from a plastic surgeon to improve your aspect, make sure to describe in detail what results you want to achieve. You can bring pictures and tell him what exactly you like with the person in the picture. Is it just the buttocks or the beautiful curves? Is it just the volume of the breasts or how they look with those thin arms and small midline? The chances are that you will need more than just liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation to achieve a beautiful body shape.

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