Options for Financing Your Plastic Surgery Intervention

Plastic Surgery


Human beings have a genetic tendency to want to look their best. However, not everyone is lucky to be naturally beautiful and have all body aesthetic features in balance. The fact is that each and every one of us has at least one aesthetic flaw in our bodies. Fortunately, plastic surgery interventions can help us overcome those aesthetic flaws that make us feel embarrassed or result in lower self-esteem. Women are more conscious about their physical appearance, and as such, majority of patients who undergo plastic surgery are women.

While there are plastic surgery treatments available for many aesthetic flaws, not every patient has the money required to go under the knife. Plastic surgery is more expensive than other interventions because people undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes. There are many other factors that make plastic surgery expensive. The good news is that you can undergo plastic surgery even if you don’t have enough savings to finance your procedure. There are a number of options for financing your plastic surgery intervention.

Does insurance ever cover plastic surgery?

It would not be reasonable to presume that you have to pay for plastic surgery all out of your pocket. The fact is that there are many options available for financing your intervention. However, whether your health insurance will cover plastic surgery intervention is a common question I get to hear. The fact is that your health insurance will not cover plastic surgery if you are undertaking the procedure for purely cosmetic reasons. However, there are specific cases that can be medically justified and may be covered by your health insurance.

The rule of thumb is that if the patient is going under the knife just to improve his or her self-esteem, the surgery is not covered. On the other hand, if the plastic surgery intervention will improve your health, treat physical pain and discomfort, or enhance your physical functions, it may be covered.

For example, if you have overly large breasts that are creating physical pain for you like pain in the shoulder, back or neck, your health insurance may cover the operation. However, you must call your health insurance provider and ask whether they finance the particular plastic surgery intervention.


Options to finance your plastic surgery procedure

If it turns out that your plastic surgery is purely elective and you are undergoing the intervention just to boost your self-esteem, you will be required to bear the entire cost of the surgery personally. Plastic surgery is very costly in the US. However, if you don’t have the money, it doesn’t mean you can’t undergo plastic surgery. The good news is that there are a number of options to finance your plastic surgery intervention.


  1. Financing arrangements by the plastic surgery facility

Plastic surgery facilities in the US are aware that plastic surgery interventions are expensive and not everyone can afford it. In order to make plastic surgery available to everyone, majority of plastic surgery facilities in the US have partnered with third-party financers or financing organizations that make plastic surgery credit available to patients.

When considering plastic surgery, be sure to ask the surgeon during the initial consultation whether the facility has an option to make easy credit available to you in order to finance the procedure. If they have any such arrangement, they will discuss the options with you. Most of the plastic surgery financing by surgical facilities have easy terms and are quite flexible.


  1. Credit cards

Another best option to finance your plastic surgery could be via credit card. There are many credit cards that waive the introductory annual percentage on the cards, apart from making reward points available that you can use for cash back or finance a vacation.

In order to use a credit card to finance your plastic surgery, you need to have a strong credit score. If you are unaware of your credit score, you must contact a credit agency to get your credit report. You should use a credit card to finance your plastic surgery only if the card is offering zero percent APR and you are sure that you can repay the credit card bill within the time covering the introductory APR period. When you pay the money within the introductory rate period, you would not be charged any interest.


  1. Medical credit cards

With the boom in the use of credit cards, financial institutions have come up with creative ideas. An example is the advent of medical credit cards. Medical credit cards are the latest fashion when it comes to financing your surgeries, including plastic surgery interventions. There are many medical credit cards that offer zero percent APR and the offer normally has a length of ranging from 6-12 months.

However, patients must be aware that some medical credit cards come with retroactive interest feature, meaning they will apply interest retroactively if you fail to pay the bill completely from the start. For example, many plastic surgery patients use Care Credit’s medical credit card to finance their operations, but soon it got negative reviews because they were engaged in bribing providers and associations for approvals and recommendations. In light of this case, patients are advised to use medical credit cards with cautions and after reading all the details and terms and conditions of the cards.


  1. Plastic surgery loans

Another way to finance your plastic surgery is through a personal loan. Even though your bank or credit union can provide you the loan, you may also consider online credit providers because they are relatively more competitive in terms of conditions and interest rates.

A personal loan is basically an unsecured term loan that comes with a fixed interest rate calculated on the basis of your credit history. However, you should keep in mind that fixed interest rates are stable all throughout the duration of the loan, meaning you should always know how much to repay and when.

The good news is that personal loans are flexible. You can opt to extend the payment period and reduce the amount required to pay on the due dates. This makes them more attractive for plastic surgery patients. It is also relatively more affordable.

Why is plastic surgery expensive?

There are a number of factors that make plastic surgery expensive. First off, majority of patients undergo plastic surgery to enhance their aesthetic appearance. In other words, majority of patients don’t undergo plastic surgery for medical purposes. Any surgery that is elective requires a high level of artistry and the use of a greater sense of aesthetics. This is the primary factor that makes plastic surgery expensive.

The type of intervention also determines its cost. For example, patients considering butt augmentation have two options: fat transfer and butt implants. The cost of these two interventions is different. Fat transfer can cost between $6,000 and $14,000, whereas a butt implant surgery can cost somewhere between $7,000 and $16,000.

In order to know the cost of your plastic surgery, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The exact aesthetic flaws and your aesthetic goals and health will also affect the cost of the surgery.

Normally, the cost of plastic surgery includes the plastic surgeon’s fees, the cost of the surgical facility, the anesthesia charges, cost of medicine, cost of medical tests, and cost of post-operative garments (if any).

If your plastic surgeon is board-certified, you can expect the procedure’s cost to be higher. Furthermore, the state or city in which you have your plastic surgery also affects the overall cost of the operation. There are many cities, states, and countries where plastic surgery costs relatively lower.

There are many surgical facilities that are more affordable than others. This also depends on the location of the plastic surgery facility. The anesthesia comes at the cost of about $1,000.

Another factor that makes plastic surgery more expensive is the complexity of the procedure. If the particular intervention involves complex techniques or takes more time, you can expect your bill to be higher. Be sure always to have your surgery performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon because they can perform even the most sophisticated intervention perfectly, even though the cost higher. Your safety should be your priority when undergoing plastic surgery.

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One of the common questions I hear from patients is whether there are options available to finance plastic surgery. There is no denying that plastic surgery is expensive because it is elective in most cases; however, the good news is that there are many options available to finance your plastic surgery intervention. These options have been explained in detail in this article, besides explaining the factors that make plastic surgery expensive. Be sure to explore all the options to finance a plastic surgery intervention before deciding to go under the knife.

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