Plastic Surgery: Should We Talk About It or Not?  

Plastic Surgery: Should We Talk About It or Not?


When coming for the preoperative consultation, many patients ask whether the results of their intervention will be easily noticeable by others. Some patients are concerned that family members will notice it and judge them. Others fear just the same coming from their work colleagues, employers, business partners, and even friends.

Despite the information widely available nowadays, the field of plastic surgery is still surrounded by urban myths. This is despite the awareness campaign led by some plastic surgeons to educate people about what plastic surgery really is and what happens when the operating doors close. Contributing to this is also the mass media and the celebrities that transformed plastic surgery into the field of magic and freak shows by presenting extraordinary cases.

Myths about plastic surgery

One of the reasons why people undergoing plastic surgery might feel reluctant to discuss their interventions is because of the current myths related to plastic surgery.

  1. Only people who are very rich can afford to undergo plastic surgery

This was the truth until some years ago when due to the developments of modern medicine, plastic surgery became more and more affordable for people with different economic backgrounds. Nowadays many plastic surgeons offer a variety of options when it comes to the payment of the procedures. There are also financial companies that deal exclusively with loans for plastic surgery interventions. Nowadays, you can get the breasts of your dreams and pay for them monthly. It is no different from getting a new car. But many people are not aware of this and tend to see patients of plastic surgery as very rich. This can be a reason why patients don’t feel comfortable talking about undergoing plastic surgery, not even in a familiar environment or to their friends.

  1. Only people who are not beautiful undergo plastic surgery

Personally, I don’t believe in beautiful and ugly when it comes to people. I believe in proportions and harmony, and it is true that somebody shapes can be more harmonious or proportionate than others, and that some facial features can be more symmetric and so on. There is no such thing as perfect symmetry, especially when it comes to our bodies. In women, one breast is usually larger than the other, and the same goes for hands and other body parts. Sometimes this lack of symmetry or the specific particularities of a certain feature of the body can make that person more interesting and appealing. A famous celebrity made no secret about how she was bullied in school for her big eyes and prominent lips only to discover what an asset they really were in her adulthood. Having certain features that are not conforming to the standards can cause a perpetual emotional discomfort at the same time, and this is the reason why many patients seek help from plastic surgery. This doesn’t mean they are not beautiful; they just want to improve something to feel even better about themselves.

  1. Only people with no self-esteem undergo plastic surgery

It is true that after a plastic surgery intervention, the patient can experience a significant boost in self-esteem. Does this mean that he had no self-esteem before? Far from the truth. Before anything else, people who undergo plastic surgery are courageous enough to take a step towards a better self, and this should count for something. Even if they have been confronted in the past with emotional complexes related to their aesthetic appearance, they managed to take charge of the situation and do something to improve the quality of their lives.


Why you shouldn’t talk about your plastic surgery intervention

As communication goes, there are two parties involved: one talking and one listening. In initiating a communication about any topic, choosing who will listen to you is an important step for the success of your communication. You have the option to talk or not to talk and also whom you talk to. You might decide that you want to share your news about plastic surgery with some people while not wanting to discuss this issue with others. It is your choice. And it doesn’t matter if both are your friends, or family members or colleagues.  You are not bound to disclose personal information to anyone, no matter how close they think, or they really are to you. Sometimes the results of plastic surgery are visible, even from the outside. If your breast augmentation took you from an A cup to a double D in one session, chances are people will notice. If your face lift erased 15 years off your face, people will notice. Does this mean you have to talk about it and give details? Certainly not. You shouldn’t talk about your plastic surgery intervention if you are not ready yet or not comfortable. You shouldn’t talk about it with people who you think will judge you or concentrate on criticizing you. And you certainly shouldn’t talk about your surgical intervention if you don’t want to during the recovery period when the level of post-operative stress is already high.

After the cosmetic procedure, make sure to take some time off to restore and recover and allow your body to heal in peace and with the least amount of stress possible. You don’t need someone criticizing your choices or making you anxious about the end result when confronted with the potential pain and discomfort that comes naturally during the recovery period. Make sure to have someone around the house to help you with different chores the following days after the surgery. Choose someone that you can trust, one that you can rely on and fully respects your wishes in terms of discussing the topic or not. I advise my patients to discuss this topic well in advance with the people that are important in their lives such as the children, life partner, family members, and friends. It is important for them to be prepared to see you differently after the surgery too. But you shouldn’t feel compelled to discuss the issues with just about everybody just because they are present or will find out eventually.

Why you should talk about your plastic surgery procedure

Either you will discuss the issue or not, people are free to talk behind your back. They might criticize you, question your choices and even your sanity (yes, unfortunately, it happens as many people believe they know better about what is best for us). You have the option to stand up to them. You should talk about the plastic surgery you have undergone so people can see that nowadays it is widely available and even regular people such as you can benefit from it. You can talk about your intervention to motivate other people to follow their dreams too and to never fall behind in trying to improve themselves. When talking about your intervention you might even discover that you have given some people the last drop of motivation they needed to schedule their procedure too.

Plastic surgery can change lives for the better and can improve the quality of life for the patients. In talking about plastic surgery, you can educate others about it.

Undergoing a plastic surgery intervention is a very personal choice but what is even a more personal choice is the decision to talk about it or not. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that there is no obligation to disclose the details of your procedure with people you don’t like or at a time when you are not ready yet. But if you are proud of the results of your procedure and happy with the work of the plastic surgeon, why not talk about it? Your new, round and perky breasts are fabulous, why not bring them up in a casual conversation especially since everyone involved already noticed the improvement? You have nothing to lose; people will talk if they want to talk, but everything to gain from being brave and enhancing your appearance.

Many people would want to undergo a plastic surgery procedure but are just concerned with the surgical implications or with the fact that they will not be satisfied with the results. When undergoing plastic surgery, you took some risks and came out successful, why not talk about it?

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There are very discrete people who would prefer never to talk about undergoing plastic surgery, while others are keen on posting on Facebook as soon as they wake up from surgery. Whatever your type might be, it is important to know that talking about plastic surgery or not is entirely up to you. Don’t be afraid of being criticized or your choices trashed. You have been courageous enough to undergo the procedure. You made significant efforts with the goal of improving yourself. Your decision was based on reliable information and a long period of thinking. Now you can just enjoy the results and talk about them if you want and with whom you want.


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