What is buttock augmentation?  

Buttock augmentation


Buttock augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that adds volume and projection to the buttocks. The procedure can effectively increase the size of your buttocks and make them shapelier. Bigger buttocks have become a trend among women over the last few years. Every year, tens of thousands of women undergo buttock augmentation to enhance their gluteal area.

After buttock augmentation, the buttocks increase in size and improve in aesthetic appearance, which will make you look more feminine and fertile. The addition of sensual features to your backside will improve your quality of life, boost your self-esteem, and enable you to attract better life partners. Butt augmentation is performed by using your own body fat or butt implants.

Signs you need a butt augmentation procedure

Butt augmentation is a major operation, which means you should undergo the procedure as a last option and only if the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks are affecting your self-esteem and quality of life in negative ways. The first sign you need butt augmentation is smaller or flatter buttocks that make you feel insecure and embarrassed.

The buttocks are important in defining your overall aesthetic appearance and body outline. Smaller buttocks make the body appear in poor shape. If you want to achieve a proportionate body profile, you should consider butt augmentation. Also, if your buttocks are flat or square and you desire to get beautiful curves and appear younger, buttock augmentation can help you achieve that.

Next, if factors like aging, pregnancy, genetics, or weight fluctuation have left your buttocks in poor shape, butt augmentation can help restore bigger, perkier, and sexier booties. Butt augmentation can effectively treat mildly saggy or asymmetrical butts as well. Another sign you need buttock augmentation is when you are unable to fit properly in your clothes.


Candidacy for buttock augmentation

As stated, butt augmentation is a major surgery. There are a number of risks associated with the procedure. In order to be a good candidate for the intervention, you need to be physically and mentally fit. If you are suffering from serious diseases or using any medications, you must share the information with your plastic surgeon. During the consultation, the surgeon will examine your body and evaluate your health before determining your candidacy for the intervention.

Your aesthetic goals and expectations will also be assessed. Patients must undergo buttock augmentation for all the right reasons. There should be clear motivations, and you must communicate your expectations to the surgeon during the consultation session. Your expectations and goals must be reasonable, achievable, and realistic in order for you to be a good candidate for butt augmentation.


Types of buttock augmentation

There are two types of butt augmentation procedure: fat transfer and butt implant surgery. Which type of butt augmentation is best for you depends on a number of factors, such as your aesthetic goals, the flaws in your buttocks, your overall health, your skin quality, and the surgeon’s preferences.

The fat transfer procedure, more popularly known as Brazilian butt lift, uses your own body fat to augment your buttocks. You need to have excess fat in your body to qualify for this procedure. The extra fat will be removed from your body areas through liposuction and then transferred to your backside. The common fat donor areas include the abdomen, sides, love handles, thighs, and upper back.

The result of the fat transfer to the buttocks is more natural and the operation is relatively less risky. If you want to achieve large buttocks, fat transfer may not be feasible for you because its primary goal is to make your buttocks shapelier. Mild to moderate increase in the size of your buttocks can be achieved with fat transfer though.

On the other hand, butt implant surgery involves the use of artificial objects called gluteal implants to increase the size of your buttocks and make them aesthetically appealing. You don’t need to have excess fat in your body to qualify for this intervention. This procedure is best for patients who want to get large buttocks.

The gluteal implants come in different sizes; however, keep in mind that bigger is not always better. The implants should be suitable for your butt dimensions and body profile. Your plastic surgeon can help you choose an ideal implant size. The implants are placed inside the buttocks through incisions.

Risks and complications

Like all operations, there are a number of risks associated with buttock augmentation. It is for this reason that your candidacy would be thoroughly assessed for the intervention to make sure you are fit for the procedure. The risks associated with the procedure include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Blood clotting
  • Seroma
  • Hematoma
  • Change in or loss of skin sensation
  • Failure of the body to vascularize the grafted fat (in case of fat transfer)
  • Gluteal implant displacement (butt implant surgery)
  • Capsular contracture (butt implant surgery)


Recovery after buttock augmentation

After the surgery, you will be required to go through a complete recovery process. The primary recovery period can range from 2-3 weeks. During this period, be sure to take enough rest. Physical activities must be avoided for the first six weeks after the intervention.

Do not engage in activities like running, sports, exercises, jumping, body stretching or bending, etc. Physical activities have the tendency to cause bleeding, wound opening, and infections. You will recover completely after six weeks; however, you can resume work after two weeks if your work does not involve physical activities.

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Buttock augmentation is a popular plastic surgery procedure used by millions of people worldwide to enhance their gluteal areas. The buttocks are an important part of the body, and butt augmentation helps treat the aesthetic flaws in that area. After the surgery, your booties will appear aesthetically appealing, sensuous, shapelier, and bigger.


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