When is the Best Time to Get a Breast Augmentation?

Best Time to Get a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most desired plastic surgery interventions, both in the United States and all over the world. It provides an efficient and permanent solution for women who are not pleased with the size of their breasts and desire a significant improvement. In many cases, we associate the idea of breast augmentation surgery with breast implants, as it is most commonly performed.
There is an abundance of information related to this procedure everywhere you look online, and even offline, in the mass media. Important aspects of the procedure need to be covered before scheduling the intervention, such as type and size of implants to be used, the surgical approach, and the best incision and implant placement, among other things. However, it is rarely discussed when the best time to get a breast augmentation is, despite this being a common concern among patients.

Seasons and plastic surgery 

Not many people tend to associate seasons with the surgical act; however, it can be a good idea when desiring a breast augmentation. The results after the breast augmentation are visible as soon as the procedure is completed, but it can take up to three weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside and the breasts to settle into their final position. This means that it is not always ideal to undergo the procedure on your Christmas break or during your summer holiday.
After any type of surgical intervention, the body needs time to heal. There is a recovery period during which you are advised to take things easy and don’t push yourself with intense activities. This means you should avoid scheduling the procedure during school holidays, especially if you have small children that need a lot of attention. For at least a few days following the procedure, you might not feel like yourself and might experience pain and discomfort. So if you can get a few hours of proper rest when the kids are at school, it would probably be better. Also, make sure you have someone to help you with the day-to-day chores around the house, at least for the first following days.
After a breast augmentation with implants, you will be advised to wear a special post-op bra or a sports bra. For the first two or three weeks, this bra needs to be worn non-stop, and then for another few months just during the day. This means you most likely won’t be able to wear strapless dresses or formal attire that doesn’t cover the upper area of your body for some time after the procedure. When scheduling your intervention, take into account future social events and their dates to be able to work around them.
There is also the question of comfortable temperatures. Many people tend to feel a heightened discomfort during the colder months of the year while others will struggle with the heat. If you know you are sensitive to different temperature changes, make sure to schedule your breast augmentation surgery in a season where you feel it is more comfortable for you. Any added discomfort or stress during the post-operative period should be avoided at all costs.

Getting older or getting plastic surgery

Children and breast augmentation

Now that we have already mentioned children, we should discuss this in more depth. There are different aspects that should be considered when looking for a breast augmentation surgery.
First, let’s discuss pregnancy and breast augmentation with implants. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, no surgical procedures should be performed. If you are considering undergoing a breast augmentation procedure with implants early on in your life before having children, you should know there are no risks regarding breastfeeding with implants or other risks during pregnancy related to the implants. However, depending on the surgical procedure used to insert the implants, breastfeeding can be problematic, especially if you get pregnant within the first year after the procedure is performed. The main risk of getting a breast augmentation surgery before having children is to alter the results of the procedure. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts will increase their size to prepare for milk production. This means that the ligaments that support the breasts might be overstretched and unable to return to their previous position, especially if the breasts have significant weight. After pregnancy and breastfeeding with implants, you might be left with a certain level of breast sagginess. The good news is that the condition can be easily corrected with a breast lift surgery.
A breast augmentation with implants is also very popular among new mothers who seek it to restore the youth and firmness of their breasts after going through one or multiple pregnancies. The procedure is often included in the Mommy Makeover package, usually associated with a breast lift. If you have recently given birth, you should know that you have to wait at least six months before scheduling your breast enhancement procedure. If you are breastfeeding, then it is six months after breastfeeding has stopped. I usually advise my patients to wait even more, up to one year for example, if their breasts went through major transformations during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Before enhancing their appearance, we should give them the chance to return to their natural position and volume.
Aside from this, there are other things to consider if you have small children. To avoid complications and have a fast and smooth recovery period, your plastic surgeon will advise you not to lift your arms higher than your shoulders or to perform ample arm movements for some time after the surgery. This recommendation would be more stressed if the breast implants are placed behind the pectoral muscle. The lifting of heavy objects, intense physical exercises, or other activities should be avoided for the first three to four weeks after the surgery or until you get the green light from your plastic surgeon. Not following this recommendation can result in the opening of the surgical wounds that can lead to infections or bad scarring. When you have small children, it can be difficult to avoid carrying them, so make sure that you schedule the breast augmentation in a period when you have a friend or family member available to help you with the children.
A responsible plastic surgeon will tell you that the best time to have a breast augmentation is when your family is complete and you don’t desire to get pregnant in the future. The only risk of having another child after the breast augmentation procedure is a potential alteration of the aesthetic results. Otherwise, there is no risk for the mother or the baby.

Weight and breast augmentation

Theoretically, a healthy woman with a stable emotional condition and an indication for the procedure is eligible to undergo it, of course, if there are no other medical contraindications. However, in my practice, I advise my patients to first get to closer to a normal weight before undergoing the procedure. Bigger breasts look better on most types and shapes of bodies, but if the procedure is performed before weight loss occurs, the results can be severely impacted. Breast sagginess occurs in a vast majority of cases, and additional plastic surgery interventions might be required to correct it and restore the beauty of the breasts.
So, in my opinion, the best time to get breast implant surgery is when you know you have a normal weight and you have no plans of losing or gaining weight. Maintaining weight fluctuations at a minimum will sustain the results of your procedure for longer.


There is a best season and a best time to undergo a breast augmentation, despite what others might tell you. However, the season and the time depend entirely on you and your preferred lifestyle. Keep in mind that the procedure entails certain things to be done before and after it is performed and see how your schedule can work around it. You will also need to take time from work for the recovery period and also get someone to help you around the house with the chores and the children.
Undergoing plastic surgery to enhance the aspect of your breasts in your youth can be beneficial for your self-image and self-esteem; however, you need to keep in mind that ulterior pregnancies or weight fluctuations can severely impact the aesthetic results and make additional procedures necessary.

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